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Open gallery for Hollidayguests in "Haus Ellen" Wernigerode
Booking here your Holliday of 200qm Villa, own pool and wellness


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My best exhibition.....Berliner Liste 2011

Berlin List 2011 with my personal favorite Nicholas Treadwell - his sculptures are phenomenal!!!!


about Nicholas Treadwell


My successful exhibition....Berliner Liste 2013

Carola E. Thiele on the Berliner Liste-fair contemporary art. Kurator Peter Funken.

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List of Exhibitions

2016 : HdG Motzen, private
2016 : Wernigerode, private

2015 : HdG Motzen, private
2015 : Wernigerode, private

2014 : HdG Motzen, private
2014 : Wernigerode, private

2013 : HdG Motzen, private
2013 : Wernigerode, private
2013 : Felliny Galerie, Berlin
2013: Berliner Liste,Fair for Contemporary Art Berlin

2012 : Gewoelbegalerie / Rostock
2012: Metropolishalle, Potsdam
2012: Berliner Liste, Fair for Contemporary Art Berlin

2011: Brandenburg, Kloster Zinna,
2011: 9. Open Air Gallery, Berlin
2011: Metropolishalle, Potsdam
2011: Berliner Liste, Fair for Contemporary Art Berlin

2010: Open Atelier Bestensee
2010: 8. Open Air Gallery Berlin
2010: World of Art, Urania Berlin
2010: Messe Potsdam ,Metropolishalle
2010: HanseArt Bremen, Germanyv
2009: 7. Open Air Gallery Berlin
2009: 5. PalmArtAward Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

2008: Galerie Kunstboerse 106 / Koenigs Wusterhausen,Germany
2007: Galerie Kunstboerse 106 / Koenigs Wusterhausen, Germany

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